About us


In 2002, JARDINS des FLEURS was opened as a couture flower shop in Ginza, Tokyo, and it is currently located in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. We source floral materials according to orders and create original couture bouquets that are unique and tailored to our customers’ desired colors, flower types, and occasions. In addition to individual orders, we also specialize in providing decoration services for exhibitions, shows, and events for both domestic and international brands and companies. Furthermore, we engage in a wide range of expressions through flowers, including collaborations with commercials, movies, advertisements, and magazines, allowing us to explore various creative avenues.

Company info

Store Nameジャルダン・デ・フルールJARDINS des FLEURS
東京都港区南青山4-15-43 B1F
B1F 4-15-43 Minamiaoyama,Minato-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan, #107-0062
Phone / Fax03-5414-5824+81.3.5414.5824
Opening hours11:00〜18:00